How Emotion Recognition Tech Will Improve Your Business

How much would your small business grow if you could better understand what your customers wanted from you? What if you could read their emotions through something that everyone does, and never realize they are doing?

“And that’s exactly the information you want as a business owner. You want to understand what happened. Why are you losing clients? Or why are you gaining clients? And actually address the problems that are limiting you from growing.” ~ Dr. Aleix Martinez

Host Mary McCarthy talks to Dr. Aleix Martinez, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University. Dr. Martinez studies artificial intelligence and works to build computer systems that are as intelligent as possible, in order to improve productivity.

Dr. Martinez has found that while people experience an emotion internally, it shows up physically on their faces by moving different facial muscles and changing facial color. They have created computer vision algorithms they say work better than humans at detecting someone’s emotions very reliably.

He is part of a spin-off company called Online Emotion, that performs this real-time emotion recognition, to put this research into action for industries like retail, security, gaming, entertainment, health, and marketing.

“These technologies are actually going to expand businesses. They are going to improve your productivity so much. It’s just a new revolution. It’s here. It’s not the future. It’s actually already happening. You have to embrace it allow these technologies to help you grow the business.” ~ Dr. Aleix Martinez


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Online Emotion Real-Time Emotion Recognition

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 “At first blush, you look happy – or sad, or angry”

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About our guest Dr. Aleix Martinez

  • Professor, Electrical & Computer Engr., The Ohio State University
  • Online Emotion

About our Host Mary McCarthy

Mary McCarthy is the President of YMT Consultants, an entrepreneurial consulting and training firm in the Columbus, Ohio area. It focuses on one-on-one work with microbusiness owners (businesses with 20 or fewer employees, including the solopreneur), assisting them to monetize and create systems for their small businesses.

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