Building A Strategic Framework For Your Business: #MicrobizUS Chat Recap

Re-focus on the strategy in your business!

Here is the recap for our #MicrobizUS chat on Building A Strategic Framework For Your Business from Wednesday, August 15th at 2pm. Missed the chat? Comment below with questions, tips, and strategies to share. Follow us on Twitter @microbizpodcast and join us for the next #MicrobizUS chat Wednesday, August 23rd at 2pm.

Thank you to Jennifer Milius, for joining us as this week’s chat guest expert. Jen is an author, speaker, and leadership coach. Jen was also a guest on the podcast, How To Use Strategy In Your Microbusiness.


Q1: What was your vision/vision statement when you started your business?


Q2: What are the core values most important to your business?


Q3: How do you incorporate your vision and core values into the daily workings of

your business?


Q4: After getting clear on your vision and values, what’s your first step when developing a strategy?








Q5: What is one thing you are working on right now in your business, that you are using a strategy to achieve? (or something you need a new strategy for?)


Q6: What do you do when you feel you’re off track?


Join us and participate in the #MicrobizUS chat on Wednesday, August 22nd at 2pm EST by following along on the @microbizpodcast Twitter page, or follow the hashtag #MicrobizUS

Here’s a reminder on #MicrobizUS Twitter Chat Best Practices:

Twitter chat rules graphic for #MIcrobizUS chat on Wednesdays at 2pm EST

Why should you participate in a #MicrobizUS Twitter chat?

It’s a great way to network, meet people who like a lot of the same things you do (strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing) and you learn new tips and strategies you can try immediately! Join us at 2pm!

#MicrobizUS Twitter Chat Benefits graphic

What topics do you want to talk about on the next #MicrobizUS chat? Comment below!

You might be interested in our 15-minute weekly podcasts featuring new guests and topics each week to help you grow and succeed as an entrepreneur! This week’s #MicrobizUS chat ties in with our podcast, How To Use Strategy In Your Microbusiness.

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