Podcasting Benefits For Your Business: #MicrobizUS Twitter Chat Recap



Our #MicrobizUS community shared tips on Twitter about podcasting benefits for businesses. Our chat guest Corey King is the owner of Poderr, a professional podcast production company that streamlines pre-production and post-production for podcasters. Poderr offers services like podcast editing, show note creation, publishing, and consulting. Corey shared some of his best tips on podcasting in a 15-minute podcast and our #MicrobizUS chat. You can participate in chats on Wednesdays at 2pm EST on our @microbizpodcast page or by searching the hashtag #MicrobizUS

Q1: What types of podcasts do you like to listen to the most and why?


What types of podcasts do you listen to? We mentioned conversation-style, business development, podcasts that help small businesses, microbusinesses, sports podcasts, HR-related podcasts. It’s amazing how many podcasts there are, targeted to specific niches to interest people. What niche would you cover?


Q2: What are the benefits of podcasting as a marketing tool for your business?

Podcasting can be a powerful marketing tool for your business! Corey points out that podcasts literally give your business a voice. They are an on-demand and personal way to connect with people. Biz sales with BGL points out that time is precious, and podcasts can be an especially important tool because you can reach people any time – while they are traveling, flying, driving, even cooking! Podcasts can establish you as an expert in your profession, a thought leader in your industry. Podcasts are an opportunity to increase credibility for you and your business. For websites, podcasts are a way to reach people who prefer to listen rather than read.

Q3: What factors should you consider when starting a podcast?


Corey King recommends you have a game plan when podcasting: know topics you are going to discuss, the direction you want the podcast to take, and the “voice” you want it to have. He says the best podcasts are conversational and authentic! Corey also shared a podcast kickstart guide from Pat Flynn, an entrepreneur, blogger, and podcaster of the Smart Passive Income podcast. Sharon Thomas DeLay points out that audience, hot topics, skill, and the right podcasting tools make a big impact. Tom Orr says podcasters should go into their recording asking, “Why should I listen to you?” Always think about the value you are providing for your listeners.


Q4: If YOU started a podcast today, what would it be about?


This was a fun one! If you started a podcast today, what would it be about? Leyla says her podcast would probably be about animals or keto. Shauna Orr would start a podcast about being a work from home mom. And Sharon would start up a podcast dedicated to HR – Human Resources. That’s the great thing about podcasts. You can do a podcast about any number of topics!

Q5: What elements go into a successful podcast?


What elements go into a successful podcast? Corey stresses preparation and knowing the direction your podcast will take. He also recommends having at least three episodes ready to post at the launch of a new podcast. That way, your listeners can hear enough from you to get hooked on your podcast and subscribe! Tom says preparation, information, and involvement – promote, promote, promote! And Sharon says – keep it fun and add some humor!

Q6: What tools can help with podcasting?


Corey and Tom shared some links on tools they recommend for starting up a podcast like this podcast setup kit and this unidirectional microphone. Shauna recommended two tools for creating videos: Sparemin, now known as Headliner, and Animoto.

Q7: How can you stay motivated in your podcasting?

Corey, Tom, and Sharon shared some tips on staying motivated when podcasting. It’s a process and you shouldn’t expect to be an overnight success. It may be fun, but it can also feel like work! But it’s worth it. Corey says your podcast will improve over time and you will reach new listeners, only if you work at it! Sharon says engaging with podcasters and guests is critical for success. And Tom says you should focus on improving each episode, and post new episodes consistently.

Q8: What are some of your favorite podcasts you would recommend to others?

Our guest Corey and chat followers recommended a number of podcasts they love to listen to, including: How I Built This, The Dave Ramsey Show, Tim Ferriss Show, Women In-Depth, Song Exploder, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, The Joe Rogan Experience, Serial, RadioLab, The Successful Micropreneur (thank you!), The Job Lab, and SuperCultured.

Resources mentioned in the #MicrobizUS Twitter chat: Podcasting benefits for your business

Here are resources including a podcast kickstart guide from Pat Flynn, recommended podcast startup equipment,



Thank you to our amazing #MicrobizUS Twitter Chat community! Join us Wednesdays 2pm EST.

What podcasting tip or benefit would you add? Leave us a comment.

Listen to Corey’s 15-minute podcast: Here’s Why You Should Try Podcasting (And How To Do It!)

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