The Basics Of Developing And Launching A Successful App

Have you ever had an idea for an app, but didn’t know how to turn it into a reality?

Erik Slangerup is a father, author, and illustrator who saw the need for a story app for parents on-the-go, who want to read to their kids when there are no books available to use. Erik created StorySnacker, an ever-growing collection of original, illustrated 60-second children’s stories, to be shared from your iPhone, whenever and more importantly, wherever, you have a moment with your child.

Erik shared his story with host Mary McCarthy, talking about what went into conceptualizing, developing, and launching the StorySnacker app. He shares what the app process has been like, and why it’s never truly finished.

“So you don’t release an app and say, “Ta-da! It’s all done. Amen. Forever.” Like that’s it. You are saying this is a version, and we’re going to learn from how people use it and interact with it, and then we are going to update it in a couple of weeks. And then update it again in a few months. And then update it again in a year.” ~ Erik Slangerup

What You Will Learn In This 15-Minute Podcast:

  • Erik’s story about why he created the app
  • How the app has been tested to learn more about how to make it better and update it
  • App pricing – Flat Fee vs a Subscription Model
  • App features that are being updated and why


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About our Guest Erik Slangerup

About our Host Mary McCarthy

Mary McCarthy is the President of YMT Consultants, an entrepreneurial consulting and training firm in the Columbus, Ohio area. It focuses on one-on-one work with microbusiness owners (businesses with 20 or fewer employees, including the solopreneur), assisting them to monetize and create systems for their small businesses.

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