This Is Why A Strong Business Partner Is Worth Every Penny

Sharon here. As a small business owner and an HR consultant, I can’t begin to tell you how important it is to have business partners that really care about your business. Running a business is hard enough, but when you have to deal with a huge bureaucracy that speaks a nearly foreign language and seems intent on throwing up barriers every step of the way – when all you want to do is the business of your business – suddenly good business partners are worth every penny.

I knew we had to have Brett Pizzuto of Compensation Solutions, Inc. on our podcast for that very reason. I started working with Brett in March 2017 after searching for a third-party administrator (TPA) who could help a new client that had recently been audited by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Post-audit, the client was facing a huge fine that could put it out of business, not because the client was a bad client, but because the client had been functioning in a fog of blissful ignorance up to that point. 

After making several calls to various TPAs, I selected Brett to work with my client because he took a lot of time to do advance research and help the client before the client even signed any paperwork selecting Brett’s employer as its TPA. Once my client was a Compensation Solutions client, Brett and his team were able to ultimately save my client nearly $26,000 of the fine!

I brought Brett and his team in on another client and through his team’s due diligence and skill, they reduced that client’s annual premium by $13,000 on future premiums and also recovered an additional $7,000 from the prior year’s premiums.

In one year, with two clients, they recovered nearly $50,000! While these savings may be unique, it’s important to know that both of my clients have fewer than 50 employees, so they definitely qualify as a small employer who won big by working with a great business partner.

If you haven’t listened to the two podcasts featuring Brett, do so now! Yes, we thought what his company did was so impressive that we brought him back for a second podcast. Listen to Brett here and here and be amazed!

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