Benefits Millennials Really Want (and you need to offer!)

“It’s time to get creative and think about what works for us and the people who are working for us. Ignore everybody else!” Co-Host Sharon DeLay of Go-HR, a human resource consulting business, sits down with Host Mary McCarthy to deliver the pep talk and solutions all microbusinesses need right now. She shares her recommendations for offering millennials and all employees the benefits they really want, in a way employers can afford. A microbusiness is a small business of 20 or fewer employees, including the solopreneur.

Benefits are a way employers can be competitive in hiring, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to pay more than they are comfortable with. If you are looking to hire more employees (or your first employee), this podcast will put you in the right mindset to get it done right.

“Stop worrying so much about what we don’t have. Start talking about what we do have!” ~ Mary McCarthy

What You Will Learn in this 15 Minute Podcast:

  • The benefit Millennials say is most important to them
  • What Sharon sees as the most important benefit moving forward in 2018
  • The amazing benefit that Sharon loves (and it doesn’t cost the employer!)

Sharon’s list of nontraditional benefits employees will love: Non-Traditional Benefits Flyer 2017 (1)

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Co-Host: Sharon DeLay

  • GO-HR
  • 4889 Sinclair Road, Suite 103
  • Columbus, Ohio 43229
  • (614) 473-0122

Sharon DeLay is the Founder and President of GO-HR, a full-service HR consulting business in Columbus. It works mainly with microbusinesses, doing everything from hiring to firing employees, and all Human Resource Management services that fall in between. You can’t “Go” without HR.

Host: Mary McCarthy

Mary McCarthy is the President of YMT Consultants, an entrepreneurial consulting and training firm in Westerville, Ohio in the Columbus area. It focuses on one-on-one work with microbusiness owners (businesses with 20 or fewer employees, including the solopreneur), assisting them to monetize and create systems for their small businesses.





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