Growing your Business through Digital Marketing

Do you have a solid plan to grow your small business through digital marketing? If you don’t, you are probably wasting valuable time and money, and that can be a costly mistake for an entrepreneur.

In this podcast, host Mary McCarthy discusses the different types of digital marketing with Brad Ness. He is the COO/CFO of Blue Laser Design, a full-service boutique website design, development, and digital marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio.

Brad and Mary discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media, as ways to reach customers.

“You want to invest your money where you will get the biggest return on investment. You want to invest your money on the strategy that makes the most sense.” ~ Brad Ness

But how do you know which strategy will work best? And how can your small business compete with much larger companies?

Brad advises, “The biggest and the best way to compete is by understanding your target market and understanding your unique selling proposition. If you can define both of those very accurately and very specifically, you are going to have a lot better chance of reaching out to that target market, finding them, or having them find you. And by understanding your unique selling proposition and how it makes you better, cheaper, faster than the competition, you’re going to have a better chance to get them to take the call to action and converting them into a customer.”

What You Will Learn in this Podcast:

  • The differences between SEO, SEM, and Social Media, and which is right to target customers and prospects for your small business
  • How to track and determine if your Digital Marketing Strategy is working effectively
  • Tips to narrow your audience and succeed faster in your business

Brad Ness                                                                                                                               COO/CFO, BLUE Laser Design                                                                                    614-453-5702

About the Host:                                                                                                                                Mary McCarthy                                                                                                                               Host, The Successful Micropreneur Podcast                                                                           President of Your Management Team, Inc.                                                                             Co-Founder of the Women’s Small Business Accelerator, Inc.



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