Medical Marijuana & its Impact on Microbusiness

Is your microbusiness prepared to handle medical marijuana in the workplace?     A poll found 42% of small businesses surveyed had no written marijuana policy and 74% did not require drug testing. Is your small business one of them? If it is, you risk lawsuits and losing federal funding to your business. While dozens of states have approved medical marijuana, it is still against federal law.

“There’s important information that employers have to know, and they have to implement to either prevent medical marijuana in the workplace or to prevent losing funding in the workplace. So if they work for and get federal funding they could potentially lose that federal funding as a result of medical marijuana in the workplace.”

Dyann McDowell is the President of Training Marbles, Inc., which offers training and consulting to businesses on topics like medical marijuana. Dyann talks to host Mary McCarthy about her experiences with medical marijuana policies, and why businesses of every size must have these policies in place.

What You Will Learn:

  • What you need to understand about medical marijuana laws to protect your business and employees
  • Dyann’s recommendations for medical marijuana policies and drug testing
  • Who to consult if you do not have a policy yet

More information – Drug testing at your small business: 5 Legal Implications

Guest: Dyann McDowell

Host: Mary McCarthy

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