EQ & Steps to Feel Smarter With Your Business

Is your success in business dictated by how intelligent you are, or how smart you appear to be? Some people say Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can make all the difference for how successful someone will be in work and life.

This week, host Mary McCarthy and co-host Sharon DeLay debate the Forbes article, “Ten Guaranteed Ways To Appear Smarter Than You Are,” and share their tips for entrepreneurs looking to increase their EQ.

What is EQ? Sharon defines it as “Being self-aware, and understanding that self-awareness, and how to interact productively and positively with the people around you.” It’s also understanding how others perceive you.

Host Mary McCarthy is the President of YMT Consultants, a small business consulting firm, and Co-Founder at the Women’s Small Business Accelerator, Inc.   Sharon DeLay is the Founder and President of GO-HR, an outsourced Human Resources service for small businesses.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why Emotional Intelligence is important to an entrepreneur
  • The EQ traits that should really matter to a small business owner and entrepreneur
  • Mary and Sharon’s take on the Forbes article, and the points they agree with (and really don’t agree with!)

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Sharon DeLay
4889 Sinclair Road, Suite 103
Columbus, Ohio 43229
P (614) 473-0122


About the Host:                                                                                                                                Mary McCarthy                                                                                                                               Host, The Successful Micropreneur Podcast                                                                           President of Your Management Team, Inc.                                                          Co-Founder of the Women’s Small Business Accelerator, Inc.

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