Using Informational Interviews to Grow Your Business

Trying to grow your business or sell a product or service?                           Informational interviews may be a step you want to consider.

They are a non-threatening way to get advice and leads on a product or service you want to provide, or currently provide.                                                                            You are asking for the advice of an expert in your field of interest, on how best to structure your business, that will lead you to success.

Host Mary McCarthy talks to Merry Korn, the owner of Pearl Interactive Network. They do program management and staffing for businesses, recruiting skilled veterans, disabled veterans, military spouses, and people with disabilities.

“[Informational Interviews] can be a wonderful tool for someone just starting out who needs as much direction as they can get from people who can give good opinions about whether the business model is viable or not. ” – Merry Korn

“It’s not a sales pitch, but could eventually lead to business.” – Mary McCarthy

What You Will Learn:

  • A detailed look at informational interviews, and real examples of how they can work, and produce “warm leads” for your business.
  • Who can benefit from conducting informational interviews: Introverts, job seekers, new business owners.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of informational interviews.
  • How to ask better, well-defined questions that will get you the answers you need.

Merry Korn                                                                                                                                 Owner, Pearl Interactive Network                                                                                                                                                                                Contact Merry

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