The Right Mindset to Succeed

Mindset is the establishment of a set of attitudes held by someone.                           “It means getting your head in the right place.”

Catherine Lang-Cline is the President and Co-founder of Portfolio Creative, a microbusiness that connects clients to marketing, design, advertising, retail, and digital roles in other companies.

Host Mary McCarthy talks to her about the problems first-time small business owners and entrepreneurs face when they “create a job for themselves rather than a business for themselves.”  They share personal stories, actionable steps, and motivation to inspire the small business owner.

What You Will Learn:

  • Steps to take to improve your mindset:
    • The importance of creating job descriptions even if you can’t hire anyone yet.
    • The role of a successful mentor.
    • How to create an advisory board for business.
  • The joys of delegating to skilled specialists.
  • How to block out the negative people and negative thoughts in your head.
  • The top books they recommend to entrepreneurs.

Catherine Lang-Cline                                                                                                         President and Co-Founder                                                                                            Portfolio Creative     

Contact Catherine Lang-Cline


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