Core Values

“Culture and Core Values. They aren’t something that you create once and let them be on a wall or in a book. They need to be lived out by your team.” ~ Melanie Guzzo

Host Mary McCarthy discusses the importance of core values with Melanie Guzzo. Guzzo is the owner of Virtue Salon, the only vegan beauty salon in the Columbus, Ohio area.  Guzzo says the salon’s core values have helped it to grow from working by herself to a staff of 20 employees in six years.

A strong set of core values can keep a business focused on how they want to operate, treat customers, and fellow employees. They can have a huge impact on company culture and customer experience.

What You Will Learn:

– How to define and develop your business’ core values                                                    – Steps to take in the hiring process to make sure you get employees who fit your core values.                                                                                                                                      – The difference between core values and aspirational values, and the problems that occur when a small business gets them mixed up.

Melanie Guzzo                                                                                                                         Salon Owner at Virtue Salon                                                                                               3282 North High Street                                                                                                 Columbus, Ohio 43202                                                                                                   614-725-2329



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