Using Informational Interviews to Grow Your Business

Trying to grow your business or sell a product or service?                           Informational interviews may be a step you want to consider.

They are a non-threatening way to get advice and leads on a product or service you want to provide, or currently provide.                                                                            You are asking for the advice of an expert in your field of interest, on how best to structure your business, that will lead you to success.

Host Mary McCarthy talks to Merry Korn, the owner of Pearl Interactive Network. They do program management and staffing for businesses, recruiting skilled veterans, disabled veterans, military spouses, and people with disabilities.

“[Informational Interviews] can be a wonderful tool for someone just starting out who needs as much direction as they can get from people who can give good opinions about whether the business model is viable or not. ” – Merry Korn

“It’s not a sales pitch, but could eventually lead to business.” – Mary McCarthy

What You Will Learn:

  • A detailed look at informational interviews, and real examples of how they can work, and produce “warm leads” for your business.
  • Who can benefit from conducting informational interviews: Introverts, job seekers, new business owners.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of informational interviews.
  • How to ask better, well-defined questions that will get you the answers you need.

Merry Korn                                                                                                                                 Owner, Pearl Interactive Network                                                                                                                                                                                Contact Merry

The Right Mindset to Succeed

Mindset is the establishment of a set of attitudes held by someone.                           “It means getting your head in the right place.”

Catherine Lang-Cline is the President and Co-founder of Portfolio Creative, a microbusiness that connects clients to marketing, design, advertising, retail, and digital roles in other companies.

Host Mary McCarthy talks to her about the problems first-time small business owners and entrepreneurs face when they “create a job for themselves rather than a business for themselves.”  They share personal stories, actionable steps, and motivation to inspire the small business owner.

What You Will Learn:

  • Steps to take to improve your mindset:
    • The importance of creating job descriptions even if you can’t hire anyone yet.
    • The role of a successful mentor.
    • How to create an advisory board for business.
  • The joys of delegating to skilled specialists.
  • How to block out the negative people and negative thoughts in your head.
  • The top books they recommend to entrepreneurs.

Catherine Lang-Cline                                                                                                         President and Co-Founder                                                                                            Portfolio Creative     

Contact Catherine Lang-Cline


Do I really need to understand financials?

Do you understand your small business’ financials?                                                           It’s a question that makes some business owners very nervous.

Host Mary McCarthy talks to CPA Betty Collins about what entrepreneurs need to understand, to make sure they are making the right business decisions for their company.

“They don’t have to be a CPA. And they don’t have to know tax law, but they’ve gotta have an understanding of systems that help them know how to use them effectively for them.” ~ Betty Collins, CPA

What You Will Learn:                                                                                                                       – Tips on what small business owners really need to know about their financials     – What is a statement of cash flow, and why it’s important                               -Understanding revenue streams                                                                                                                                              – How to get a system in place to help you

Betty Collins, CPA                                                                                                               Director at Brady Ware & Company                                                                                      Brady Ware                                                                                    

Reinventing Yourself

What do you do when you’re faced with the question, “Now what do I do with myself?”

Host Mary McCarthy talks to Paula Harer, a woman who decided to reinvent her life at 60 years old. Paula sold two restaurant franchises, but knew she still wanted to work; she just didn’t know what was next.

“What do you want your life to look like,  on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, monthly, annually… what kind of day do you want to be having for the next 10 years?”

What You Will Learn                                                                                                                        – Factors to consider when deciding on a second career                                                   – Steps on selling a franchise                                                                                                      – Paula’s stories on how she found what was right for her                                                 – Actions to take to make your work dream a reality

Paula Harer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Blog: startingoveratsixty

Core Values

“Culture and Core Values. They aren’t something that you create once and let them be on a wall or in a book. They need to be lived out by your team.” ~ Melanie Guzzo

Host Mary McCarthy discusses the importance of core values with Melanie Guzzo. Guzzo is the owner of Virtue Salon, the only vegan beauty salon in the Columbus, Ohio area.  Guzzo says the salon’s core values have helped it to grow from working by herself to a staff of 20 employees in six years.

A strong set of core values can keep a business focused on how they want to operate, treat customers, and fellow employees. They can have a huge impact on company culture and customer experience.

What You Will Learn:

– How to define and develop your business’ core values                                                    – Steps to take in the hiring process to make sure you get employees who fit your core values.                                                                                                                                      – The difference between core values and aspirational values, and the problems that occur when a small business gets them mixed up.

Melanie Guzzo                                                                                                                         Salon Owner at Virtue Salon                                                                                               3282 North High Street                                                                                                 Columbus, Ohio 43202                                                                                                   614-725-2329



Marketing Strategies Kept Simple

A marketing strategy or strategic plan is important because it will save money, and get your business focused on what you want to do, and the steps to take to do it.

Host Mary McCarthy discusses how to take a simple and more effective approach to marketing strategies with Jennifer Dally, Founder & Chief Attunement Officer at Attune Marketing Group.

What You Will Learn:                                                                                                                      – How to be clear and focused on your marketing plan.
– How to understand your target audience.
– What goes into a marketing strategy

Jennifer Dally                                                                                                                      Founder & Chief Attunement Officer                                                                               Attune Marketing Group                                                                                                                                                                             LinkedIn