Dare to Reinvent the Wheel

As dynamic business owners we constantly ask ourselves, “how can this be done better?” Existing systems are great as a fundamental framework, but at times, reaching the next level calls for creative, unconventional solutions.  Host Mary McCarthy talks with Founder and CEO of BungalowBranch, Kelley Lewis on how to forge inventive solutions as modern day entrepreneurs.

Kelley Lewis
684 S. Cassingham Road
Bexley, OH 43209

Millennials vs. Boomers: Overcoming Communication Differences


They think differently and want different things. How do you navigate communication between the two groups? Host Mary McCarthy talks with returning guest Susan Fortner, Bowers PR about bridging the gap between millennials and boomers.



Susan Fortner
Bowers PR


Becoming a High-Performing Leader

Does your company want to do social good, have social outcomes, and make a positive impact?

Host Mary McCarthy talks with Sheri Chaney Jones, Measurement Resources Company on how being intentional about successes can lead to a high-performing company culture.

What You Will Learn:
– What a High-Performance Leader means, and how to become one.
– Why this strategy works for entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and government leaders.
– What is the “Triple Bottom Line?”

“Organizations that create these high-performance measurement cultures… are significantly more likely to increase their revenues, increase their impact, increase their organizational efficiencies, have better internal collaboration and cooperation, and have better external partnerships with those in the community.”

Sheri Chaney Jones                                                                                                           President & Founder, Measurement Resources Company
7716 Rivers Edge Drive                                                                                                            Suite B
Columbus, OH. 43235
Phone: 614.947.8899

Should YOU Franchise?

Should YOU start a franchise?                                                                                                       “A business in a box.”

Opening a franchise may be something you’ve dreamed about, but how do you know if it would be a right fit?
How do you choose from the thousands of franchises available?

Host Mary McCarthy spoke to Trish Benedik, a Franchise and Transition Specialist at Select Franchise Consulting, to learn the benefits and the pitfalls of buying a franchise.

What You Will Learn:
– The types of people and characteristics they possess that make them successful franchise owners, and those who do not.
– How franchise consulting companies help you choose the franchise that is right for you.
– Benefits of being a franchisor, and selling franchises of your business.


Trish Benedik
Select Franchise Consulting
Commercial Point, OH 43116
(740) 644-5832