Location, Location, Location!

Location, location, location: You’ve heard it before.
But just how important is location for your microbusiness?

Host Mary McCarthy talks with Toyia Devine of SVN Wilson Commercial Group about how to find the right location for your business, so it can “thrive and survive.”

What You Will Learn:
– What to research before buying a property for your business.
– How to find the right location regardless of your industry, category or size.
– All the ways your company’s location will affect its financial success.


Toyia Devine
SVN Wilson Commercial Group
Easton Town Center
4200 Regent Street, Suite 200
Columbus , OH 43219
(740) 644-5832

Help! I HATE to Sell!

You don’t have to be a natural salesperson to be a successful salesperson.

Host Mary McCarthy speaks with Gretchen Gordon of Braveheart Sales Performance, to discuss the realities of making the sale as a microbusiness owner and entrepreneur.

If the thought of sales makes you uneasy, you may be looking at it the wrong way:
“Really sales is no more than figuring out what others want and need, and if your products and services can satisfy that want and need, you have an obligation to share that with them.” ~ Gretchen Gordon

What You Will Learn:
– How to change your mindset about sales.
– How to push past emotional roadblocks like the fear of rejection, holding you back from making sales.
– How to stop wasting your time. You will learn ways to tell if someone really is interested in your product or service, or just saying positive things to be nice.


Gretchen Gordon
Braveheart Sales Performance
7100 N High St #207
Worthington, OH 43085
(614) 396-6544


Juicing: Is it a lifestyle or another diet fad?

Host Mary McCarthy discusses the fresh juice trend and the benefits of a plant-based diet with Kitt Doss, owner of sambaFRESH.

What You Will Learn:
– The difference between fresh-pressed juice and juices on grocery store shelves.
– How to start juicing safely if you’ve never done it before.
– What Kitt Doss recommends you eliminate from your diet, and specific vitamins, herbs, and minerals to add.
– Why people decide to juice and follow a plant-based diet.

Kitt Doss

Store Locations:

Upper Arlington, Ohio 
4939 Dierker Road
Upper Arlington, OH 43220

New Albany, Ohio
260 Market St, Suite B
New Albany, OH 43054