Planning for Retirement as a Microbusiness owner

As a microbusiness owner we often believe our retirement will come from the sale of our business. This mindset could leave us vulnerable. Host Mary McCarthy talks with Helen Colón with The Seeley Group on ways for microbusiness owners to afford and plan for our future in order to enjoy the benefits of all our hard work.


Helen M. Colón CDFA
The Seeley Group
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Columbus, OH 43240-4039
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Independent Contractor or Employee: Am I breaking the law?


Today’s guest is Caroline Worley of Worley Law.  As a solopreneur grows their business and begins thinking about bringing on their first helper it is not uncommon to use independent contractors instead of hiring an employee. But, is the person categorized correctly per the IRS? Could you be breaking the Law? Host Mary McCarthy talks with Caroline Worley, owner of Worley Law, LLC to share tips and ideas for staying legal while growing your business.

Caroline Worley
Worley Law, LLC
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What to know before you buy an existing business

Purchasing an existing business is a lot more complicated that one might think. Finding the right business, negotiating with the microbusiness owner, and securing funding are aspects of purchasing an existing small business. Host Mary McCarthy talks business brokerage with Emmet Apolinario owner of Confidential Sale.

Emmet Apolinario
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